Primarily, people were of the habit to browse the web from their Desktops or Laptops. With the emerging development in technology and infrastructure, people of the present scenario surf even while on the go, on their Tablets and Mobiles. This presses on having a Responsive Website a must, as says the word ‘Responsive’. The astounding part of these websites is that it automatically resizes to fit in the screen resolution of the device you choose to browse the website.

A responsive website always gives the best browsing experience to the user and acts as a boost for Search Engine results. A novel web-surfing era has been unwrapped through responsive web design innovations. This trending style of websites asserts a distinct yet a smooth surfing experience and captures your target viewer’s complete attention.
Of course, search engines such as Google positions responsive websites higher on search result pages, as a responsive website gives the ease of browsing to its users. Google with all its experience favors sites that are enlightening and user friendly. In advent with this key factor, it has become a need of the day to own a SEO friendly responsive website for your company!

Being a responsive website design company based out of Coimbatore, we not only assure a cosmic visual experience for the end user; but also technically perfect, winning websites that offer edge of the class virtual market space. Our satisfaction rests on reaching a mark of Cent Percent viewer & browser satisfaction. Our team can also assist you in optimizing your responsive website that attracts maximum traffic to your website of which the visitors might be ones using diverse devices and browsers.
Get connected with the experts in our team and get to see how Harshita Solutions can help you upgrade your current website or even create a new one that serves your brand, business and objectives best!

Fluid Grid Layout:

The rescaling of the page element in comparative units as in percentages is as a result of the usage of the Fluid Grid concept. The base for these is not the units of points or pixels.

Pliable Images:

In order to avoid images appearing either stretched or pixilated, images that are flexible to fit screen resolutions of any size are used.

Media Queries:

Media queries is yet another delight to responsive website designs that employs different CSS style rules that are based on the distinctiveness of the device it has been opened or used from. The essential element worth considering is the width of the browser.

Steering Menu:

Navigating within the website is the most vital part. As far as a desktop design is concerned, most of the navigation is on top right corner, center and below the logo. Whereas in a responsive website, the navigation takes place from the header to the middle part of the page that helps access easily in mobile devices.

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